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Seasonal Camping

When we come here, we can leave behind all those things that are distractions in our daily lives.

—Rob and Leah Duddy
Happy the Camper
Happy the Camper

Blue Rocks Family Campground has 200 different campsites for you to choose from when you come stay with us!

Sometimes you just can't leave!

After a little while at Blue Rocks, some people get the family-camping bug so bad that they just don’t want to say goodbye. And for that, we have seasonal camping! Read below to learn more information, then fill out the Seasonal Request form to provide us with the necessary information to hopefully make you a member of the Blue Rocks seasonal camping family!

Seasonal Camping

Seasonal Camping at Blue Rocks Family Campground is more than just parking your camper for a few weeks out of the year… it’s about joining our family of like-minded campers who love sharing the beauty and serenity of Lenhartsville and making memories together in the Eastern Pennsylvania countryside. If you want to learn more about staying with us for the season, please start by filling out the form below with the necessary information, and we’ll get back in touch with you as soon as we can to discuss more specific details. Thanks for your interest, and we hope we can make you a part of the Seasonal Camping family at Blue Rocks!

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(1) We will require images detailing the condition of your unit if it is 10 or more years old.
(2) All seasonal units must be state registered and road legal.


Blue Rocks Family Campground