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Your family destination since 1930.

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Kid jumping into swimming pool.


When we come here, we can leave behind all those things that are distractions in our daily lives.

—Rob and Leah Duddy
Happy the Camper

The swimming pool holds 40,000 gallons and baby pool holds 400 gallons of water. Think of all the splashes you can make with that much water!

Have fun the way you want!

Blue Rocks offers a treasure trove of great things to do during your stay, whether it’s a campground staple such as lounging in the pool, or exploring the amazingly unique geography of the area like the hiking trails and, of course, the boulder field. No matter where your interests lie, we’re confident you’ll find something to capture your interest for as long as you choose to stay with us!

Blue Rocks Family Campground

Hiking & Exploring

Blue Rocks is truly a hiker’s paradise. With miles of great trails surrounding the park, including access points to the Appalachian Trail and the premiere viewing destinations of The Pinnacle and Pulpit Rock, there’s plenty to explore for even the most avid hikers and climbers. Click here to view and print our hiking map of the surrounding area.

Boulder Field

The main attraction at our campground, the breathtaking Blue Rocks boulder field is the perfect setting for family exploration and scenic vacationing. You need to see it!

Fire Truck Rides

Who hasn’t wanted to take a ride on the back of a real-life fire truck? One thing is sure—there’s no better way to tour the campground!

Swimming Pools

No outdoor adventure is complete without swimming. The large pool and the kiddie pool are perfect for families of all ages wanting to spend a day in the water!

Fishing Pond

There’s plenty of lunkers lurking beneath the surface of the waters here at the Blue Rocks pond. All you need is a worm and a pole!


Great for pickup games and our own Blue Rocks shooting competitions, the newly renovated basketball court is sure to excite even the most casual ballers.


Nothing says summer like the friendly competition on the volleyball court. It’s the perfect way to make friends and make memories!


Slides, monkey bars, jungle gym… the kids will wonder where the time went as they explore the expansive Blue Rocks playgrounds!

Game Room

When you’ve thoroughly explored the outdoors, the Game Room is the perfect place to keep the fun going with friends and family!


This campground classic is sure to spark competitive matches and plenty of fun for players and the audience!

Vintage Cars

The Classic Car Garage is an impressive collection of antiques and hot-rods that is the perfect way for car junkies to lose an hour or two!