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Your family destination since 1930.

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Our classic cars

Classic Car Garage

When we come here, we can leave behind all those things that are distractions in our daily lives.

—Rob and Leah Duddy
Happy the Camper

Almost all the classic cars at Blue Rocks Family Campground have been owned and maintained by the Wood boys for over 15 years!

Yeah, we like the old cars…

Being a motor head usually runs in the family, and the Wood brothers are no exception. Their father, Woody, recognized the attraction his boys had to all things mechanical, and he decided to help them get their first cars. He also encouraged them to fix them up and sell them, and as much as it kept the boys out of trouble and in the park, it cultivated a deep appreciation for cool classics of all kinds. This love for cars is evident today with Zack and Jed’s collection, a must-see feature of any trip to Blue Rocks!

The Classic Car Garage

Classic Cars Garage

Ask to see the classic cars when you come visit us!