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Your family destination since 1930.

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Maps & Rules

When we come here, we can leave behind all those things that are distractions in our daily lives.

—Rob and Leah Duddy
Happy the Camper

There’s almost six miles of beautiful hiking trails directly around the campground!

Know your way around Blue Rocks!

For all our campers and avid hikers, you can use these handy maps to navigate around the campground and to explore our miles of awesome hiking trails. And for everyone’s safety and enjoyment, we have a set of rules and policies that we ask you strictly adhere to during your stay. In the end, it’s all about making it enjoyable for everyone!

Blue Rocks Family Campground


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Rules & Policies

Mission Statement

Blue Rocks Family Campground is committed to helping families make memories that will last a lifetime. We accomplish this by providing a fun and friendly environment, where families can discover and enjoy the gifts of God's creation in an atmosphere of kindness and respect for each other.

General Information

  • Check Out time is 2:00 PM. Please notify Office when you leave.
  • Check Out for all cabins and cottages is 12:00 PM.
  • Check In time is 3:00 PM.
  • NO refunds for early departure due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • We will not be responsible for accidents, injuries, loss or damage of any kind.

Rules of Conduct

In order for you and your fellow campers to enjoy your time at Blue Rocks, we ask that everyone observe the following rules. Please explain them to your children and friends as necessary. We reserve the right to evict without prior notice anyone who creates a disturbance or nuisance, or deliberately breaks any of the rules. NO refund of fees will be made in the event of an eviction.


  1. Campground Speed Limit is 5 M.P.H. Please watch out for children.
  2. Camp at your own risk—Blue Rocks assumes no responsibility for accidents or injuries on-site.
  3. Supervise your children—adults are responsible for children's safety, behavior, and whereabouts at all times.
  4. NO unattended children allowed near the pond area at any time.
  5. NO swimming in the pond.
  6. NO bicycle riding around store area or main entrance. Helmets must be worn. No riding after dark.
  7. All campfires must be put out before bed or when leaving the site.
  8. Children may not be left in campground without a responsible adult.


  1. NO BEER KEGS. Alcoholic beverages are to be kept on your site or in a covered container and not displayed in campground.
  2. All visitors must pay a fee and receive a pass when entering the campground. Visitors are required to leave by 10:45 PM.
  3. DO NOT cut any standing trees, dead or alive. No defacing trees in any way, (nails, saws, knifes, etc.).
  4. Power Tools are NOT to be used between 3:00 PM on Friday and 2:00 PM on Sunday.
  5. Tables and fire rings are NOT to be removed from sites.
  6. Firearms and Fireworks are NOT permitted within the campground.
  7. All trash MUST be put in the dumpster prior to departure.
  8. Please RECYCLE aluminum cans.

Alcohol Policy

Blue Rocks Family Campground strives to maintain a welcoming and family-friendly environment, and as such, the use of alcohol is strongly discouraged and the abuse of alcohol is not permitted. Public drunkenness and disorderly conduct are not tolerated and will be dealt with by the local authorities. Beer kegs, party balls, bulk cases of alcohol, and drinking games are not permitted. Any and all alcohol must be kept strictly on your campsite at all times and is not permitted at any organized campground activities.


  • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • Pets are NOT to be left outside unattended at ANYTIME.
  • You MUST clean up after your pets.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO PETS are allowed in the playground, activities area, cabins, cottages or camp store.
  • You MUST have proof of up-to-date shots.


  • No foul language permitted—this is a FAMILY Campground.
  • Do not walk through occupied sites or in stream in front of sites.
  • Quiet hours are from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Please report any disorderly conduct.
  • Radios and music must kept at a volume that does not disturb neighboring campsites.
  • Be considerate… leave your campsite the way you like it to look when you arrive.

ool Rules

  • There is no P in the Pool! Please help keep it that way!
  • Pool is open 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM. Please keep out all other times.
  • No Lifeguard—swim at your own risk.
  • No children under 14 allowed in pool area without a responsible adult.
  • NO Glass - NO Food - NO Drink - NO Diving - NO Cutoffs - NO Animals - NO Smoking - NO Rafts or Balls in pool.
  • Long hair must be tied back or worn under a bathing cap.

Thank You for observing our OOL RULES!


Please report any disorderly conduct or infractions of the rules promptly. Notify us if any facility is not in good working order so that we can try to correct the situation. Your suggestions and ideas for general improvements and activities would be appreciated. We hope you enjoy your stay and will return again soon!